A relaxed performance of How To Save A Rock is:

  • quieter

  • has no flashing lights*

  • has reduced audience interaction - performers do not enter audience member's personal space 

* Please be aware: although we will do all in our power not to have flashing lights during relaxed performances, our lighting is powered by a bicycle generator and by solar-power, meaning our technology is not always entirely reliable. If our technology goes wrong (it's rare, but it can happen!) our lighting may flash for about 5 seconds before we are able to switch it off.

All audience members can:

  • enter/leave when they need

  • make noise/move around as they need


A script synopsis and character breakdown is available for anyone who needs it here.

How To Save A Rock - Relaxed performance information

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Pigfoot is a multi award-winning carbon-neutral theatre company, dedicated to making collaborative, sustainable theatre about the climate & ecological crisis.

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