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21 days of

climate action

Looking for practical eco-actions you can do from your own home? At the start of lockdown, we put these 21 suggestions together. You can do them anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a connection to the internet and around 15 minutes spare per day.

So why not join us for three weeks of climate action? Our weekly calender is opposite, and each day's action is broken down in detail below.


If you decide to give our three week-challenge a go, let us know on Twitter or Instagram, with #21Days.

Day 1 

Fight phantom power


Many electric devices use electricity 24-7, even when we think they’re off.  to 23% of household energy use can be down to 'phantom' or 'vampire' power. How to fight it? Just unplug devices when you’re not using them!

Learn more about phantom power here, and how to fight it.

Day 4

Learn about eco-education


Where to start? If you haven't already, check out the vital Teach The Future campaign; follow them on 

Twitter or subscribe to their newsletter for updates. If you've got kids, try an eco-activity like The Wildlife Trusts'

nature activity sheets - or if you want some climate education yourself, check out Climate Science's courses.

Day 7

How's the world looking?


Look out your window; are there any new signs of the seasons? If you go on a walk, you can support conservation by identifying any birds you see with this fantastic RSPB tool, and recording them here. Snap a picture of nature you spot and share using #21Days.

Day 2 

Check out some climate art


Spend 15 mins checking out some climate art online, or share your favourite climate artist on social media. For example, we love the music of Climate Symphony. 

Not sure where to look? This fantastic article is a great place to start.

Day 5

Go meat-free, or take a tech-break!


Take a day-long break from meat! If you need some veg-inspiration, head to BBC Goodfoods, or check out Jack Monroes' Vegan(ish) and Rukmini Iyer's The Green Roasting Tin (e-books available!). Or if you're already meat-free, try spending an evening entirely away from technology (warn your loved ones first!). 

Day 8

Forget your carbon footprint


Originally, today's action was calculate your carbon footprint - but recently, we learnt that the term 'carbon footprint' was actually coined and popularised by the world's 6th largest polluter, BP. So instead, why not learn about BP's lucrative PR campaign, and share what you've learnt with a friend.

Day 3

Plan an eco-holiday


Find a place in the UK accessible by public transport and put a pin in the map! Begin your search at or find a list of accessible camp-sites here. You can also look for nature reserves near you! Head to the RSPB or the Wildlife Trusts website to start.

Day 6

Switch to a green energy supplier


Household energy makes up a huge 25% of the UK's CO2 emissions! So switching to green energy for your home can make a big difference. Recommended suppliers include: Ecotricity, Good Energy, Green Energy UKOctopus Energy. Alternately, tweet/email a company you like, and ask them to switch their offices supply.

Day 9

Listen to a climate podcast


Our favourites are Hot Take, which takes an intersectional, critical but constructive look at climate coverage, Mothers of Invention, celebrating women doing remarkable things for climate justice, and if you're a planet-loving creative: The Colour Green.

This page is currently undergoing maintenance. Thank you for bearing with us! In the meantime, why not check us out on Twitter?

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