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Lockdown: Green Up

Lockdown: Green Up was a digital environmental theatre festival, streamed from the 29 June - 4 July 2020. It was created to share the work of climate theatre-makers and artists, for those wanting to integrate eco-practices into their work. The week aimed to contribute to the ongoing discussion over how artists and producers can green up, engage with climate injustice and reimagine a more sustainable industry.

Conversations were streamed live onto our Facebook page, and most sessions remain online to create a database of accessible climate theatre resources. Take a rummage through our info-graphics & find a full list of sessions below.

'Start with the Land' Playwrights David Geary and Kendra Fanconi, Artistic Director of The Only Animal, on climate satire, science, and making work with the land at its heart. Includes a reading of David Geary's 'Morehu and Titi'.

'How is theatre adapting in a time of crisis?' A conversation with Staging Change directors, Alice Boyd and Josie Dale-Jones (ThisEgg) about how emerging theatre-makers are adapting for a greener future.

'Signalling Through The Waves' Academic and eco-critic Una Chaudhuri & artist and director Sarah Cameron Sunde on creating, performing and understanding '36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea'.

'Embracing Eco-Scenography' Presentations by eco-designers Tanja Beer and Andrea Carr, on how they have rethought their practises to build on ecological principles. (What is Eco-Scenography?)

'Making the digital LIVE' Joe Ball, Artistic Director of Exit Productionsand theatre-maker/political-activist Zack Polanskidiscuss digitalising their interactive environmental show, 'Eco Chambers'.

'Thinking Bigly: How to make an anti-TED talk' Playwrights Ben Yeoh and David Finnigan on making their theatre-performance talk 'Thinking Bigly: A Guide To Saving the World', and finding hope in the middle of the climate crisis. 

'Lighting a greener path' Olivier Award-winning lighting designer, Paule Constablediscusses incorporating environmental sustainability into lighting design.  

'Making Green Productions' Top tips on how to make your show sustainable shows with Graciela Melitsko ThorntonCreative Green Programme Lead at Julie’s Bicycle.

'Running on Your Own Energy' Choreographer and dancer Prue Lang on powering theatre with renewable energy generated live during performance, and how to create Green Guidelines for your practice.

'‪Integrating Science & Eco-Philosophy into Theatre' We discuss the research process for climate play 'Dweepa' with playwright Abhishek Majumdar: science, philosophy & the lived experience of Bengali communities.

'Telling Climate Stories Through Dance' A conversation with VOU Fiji's Sachiko Soro and Navi Fong about 'Are We Stronger Than Winston?', and using dance to investigate the human cost of climate change on Pacific communities.

'‪Peddling Sustainable Practices' An interactive workshop on implementing sustainable practises into your company, led by cycling Shakespeare company, The Handlebards.

'Towards Climate Justice' Groundwater Arts on re-evaluating your practise with a climate justice lens, and their Green New Theatre proposal, applying the Green New Deal to the theatre industry.

'Making Saving the Planet Sexy' ‪Comedian and climate activist Steve Hili on writing and performing climate comedy.

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