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We offer workshops for all ages, using our favourite theatre-making exercises and carbon-neutral methods to engage participants with climate and sustainability issues.

We have two workshops currently developed, and we're always looking to develop more! Please contact us with any questions or to inquire about facilitation costs. 

Carbon-neutral theatre-making, for all ages

Interested in making theatre which doesn’t damage the planet? This is a practical workshop for any theatre-maker keen to create theatre without a carbon footprint.

We’ll explore exercises designed to bring sustainable practises into your theatre-making process – from performer-led live sound design, to making the most out of upcycled objects. We'll even look at powering your show by bicycle!

Our session will also include time to experiment with our bike-generator on your own terms.


"you could see the children

reflecting on their thoughts and challenging their own ideas about the subject"


Climate geography, for KS2 students 

Only 3% of pupils in Year 5-6 feel that they know a lot about climate change- and a whopping 84% want to learn more about the environment! 

Our workshop targets Geography KS2 learning points, employing theatre-making exercises to encourage children's confidence and enjoyment in writing, language, and performance.

Within our session, we make space for students’ concerns about the crisis & equip them with practical ways to be more sustainable. We want every child to leave feeling confident and empowered! 

For a full breakdown of either workshop, please get in touch.

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