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'intimate, uncomfortable and immersive... a raw energy' - Cherwell

'superb... hypnotic & at times deeply uncomfortable to watch' - Oxford Opening Night Review

Past productions


A physical exploration of pregnancy & birth.

Mountains (2017) was an immersive, movement-based performance of three different experiences of pregnancy and birth, inspired by Sylvia Plath’s Three Women. The audience and the performance weaved in and around St. Catherine's Boathouse, Oxford, and the River Thames. 

Other than three monologues (Kat Dixon-Ward), and an hour-long soundscape (William Lucas), interlaced with interviews with members of the public, our story took place entirely without words.

Pigfoot's Travesties (2018) was staged at the Oxford Playhouse in the year of Tom Stoppard's Visiting Professorship in the city.

Recasting the characters James Joyce and Tristan Tzara with female actors, and adding a physical ensemble to construct our protagonist's story, we took our audience on a whirlwind train-ride through Tom Stoppard's take on Zürich in the First World War - and one man's disintegrating memory...

Photos: Charles Macpherson

Photos: Luke Wintour 


Tom Stoppard's


'thoroughly absurd, and thoroughly enjoyable' - Cherwell

a 'triumph' - Oxford Student

'a beautifully crafted... captivating show' - The Poor Print

'rushes along at dazzling speed... but all along it keeps the audience laughing' - Daily Info

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